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Hunter Academy Series

The Hunter Academy Series

In a world of magic, Hunter Academy has had the best sorcerers in the lands within its walls.  The Knight family is considered the best of the best, and they are often called upon to save lives and the very fabric of magic itself.  Between defeating powerful, evil wizards and setting things right when they go awry, not to mention attending classes, there's always something exciting happening for the Knights and their friends.

Death To Magic

Lex and Alex Knight are young twins who’ve been sent to the best magic school in the lands in order to be trained as hunters.  According to a local prophecy, the Knight twins are destined to save the world’s magic.  You see, magic is dying out.  It’s being sucked away and destroyed by the creatures in the dark woods around the school, the vampires.  

But the twins aren’t so sure that they’re the ones spoken of by the prophecy.  They struggle to hone their magic skills and find their place in the world of hunters.  And just as they’re settling in, the war with  the vampires becomes a personal matter when the creatures attack and set fire to their hometown.  It’s a bleak start to their education, but things aren’t always what they seem.  

There are more powerful spells and techniques that aren’t usually taught to younger students.  The school itself has a dark history that is never spoken of.  And there’s evidence that even the enemy vampires aren’t all as evil as they seem.  The world is full of secrets, and the Knight twins are seeking them out.

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Time For Magic

Max Knight is the daughter of one of the most powerful wizards in the world, and her cousin Jax Knight is the son of the other most powerful wizard in the world. Their parents once saved all of magic and defeated the most evil wizard ever known. Now in the second book of the Hunter Academy series, Max and Jax find themselves facing down another terrifying danger that threatens to destroy their world.

Things are changing at Hunter Academy, and not in a natural way. People are appearing and disappearing, history is changing, and the Knight cousins are the only ones who can see what's going on. It's up to them to figure out how to stop it and put things back the way they were, the way they're supposed to be, and find out who's behind it all.

With no one else able to help them, Max and Jax turn to another powerful wizard, one who may be even more powerful than their parents. Still, their combined abilities may not be enough; for in order to repair the damage to history, they must break through what has long been thought to be a cardinal rule of magic: You can't use magic to travel through or alter time.

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